Buy Nothing Day

In protest of superficial materialism, thousands of people are participating in Buy Nothing Day. I am not a big shopper and plan on saving my shopping energy for Sunday's Give Handmade Sale, so I'll gladly participate. Here are some ideas of things to do on Black Friday other than shop.

Make something. Knit a scarf. Sew curtains. Paint. Collage Christmas cards. Be creative.
Have a potluck.
Go on a hike. Avoid the crowded malls and go to the forests/mountains/gorges/rivers/beaches.
Read a book. Read aloud to someone.
Make music. Or play music and dance.
Take photographs.
Sleep in.
Spend time with someone special.
Do yoga.

Have a wonderful Buy Nothing Day!


  1. oh fabulous, i'm glad you're doing this too! are you going to a BND celebration? i'm hoping to be able to ride my bike to the one here so i can participate in the anti-capitalist bike ride, but right now there's snow and ice on the ground (which my old cruiser has trouble with), and it's supposed to be unpleasantly cold on friday. i like your black friday alternative ideas!

  2. I did not participate in any events for the day, no. I decided to laze around. I started my first every sock monkey, made pizza, hunted for chanterelles, and played Balderdash with friends. It was perfect.

  3. aww cool! you should post a pic of your monkey when it's finished, i'd love to see it! i'm making a few of those right now too--such good xmas gifts.