little winter market

This weekend in Portland there is the Little Winter Market at the Cleaners with a pre-party tonight. I'd like to try to make it over there at some point to see the hand-made items on sale. Perhaps I'll do some early Christmas shopping or find some inspiration for my own Christmas presents and handmade crafts. Even if it's inspiration to get off my bottom and finish some of the projects I've started and never finished (braided rug, tote bags, embroidery projects...).

This weekend needs to be about refocusing my energies in many ways: I need to get some fresh air, plant some bulbs in the warm earth, take some photographs, seek inspiration, and rest. Oh, yeah, and grade a bunch of papers.

Happy weekend!


  1. hey, if you have time this weekend, rev. kiyimba (see my most recent post) is giving lectures in portland. i think tonight he's speaking at a community college and sunday he'll be at a UU church. he's pretty brilliant, and the presentation is eye-opening, i totally recommend going.

    sounds like you have a lot of fun plans. i haven't started working on xmas stuff at all and i feel so far behind.

  2. Drat! I got this post at 8 p.m. last night, an hour late. He was speaking a 10-minute walk away from my house, too! If I don't end up going mushroom hunting tomorrow, I will try to make it over to his 1 p.m. talk tomorrow.

    I think that with my job, I have to recognize that crafting needs to take a back seat to reading, reading, reading, reading, reading, and more reading. But I might blend personalized teas for people again and maybe do something simple like magnets for Xmas presents.

  3. aw that's too bad you missed him on friday, especially since you live so close. i hate it when i find out about cool events i could've easily gone to *right after* they happen.