A very very very fine house

So, at long last, some photos of our new house and and the move! October was a month of ceaseless work in anticipation of moving in.
We ripped up the carpet and re-did the floors. Notice, under the tools, the amount of paint and dirt to be removed, not to mention oodles of screws and staples. And then there were the holes that had to be replaced with new boards.

We color tested, primed, and painted!

Here's the upstairs with refinished original hardwood and fresh paint (although I just redid the yellow).

We installed our Brian-made shelves!

And we made it home!

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  1. The transformation was great! I love those self made shelves. It's very creative, saves space and makes for lovely wall art at the same time. The floor, too, looks as good as new. You can put some nice lighting in the living room. It would surely stand out and grab attention at night. It's been years since you moved in. How is the stay so far? Are you loving the neighborhood? I hope you are. Congratulations on a job well done! Keep us updated about the house. We'd love to see new photos. :)

    Saundra Wordlaw