book 6: Made from Scratch

Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life by Jenna Woginrich

Honestly, I wanted to hate this author, Jenna Woginrich. She's 6 years younger than me, hails from my home state, lives the homesteader's dream, and has published her own book. I mean really, what's not to envy and despise? (Besides which, her blog is gorgeous!)

Ok, seriously, what's not to love? She feels like a kindred spirit (and I have a vague notion that she'd get really excited by that quaint, archaic sentiment). Her book is a lovely, endearing introduction to homesteading, and she honestly and spiritfully acquaints the reader with her own first-hand and first-time experience, for she herself is a novice (or is throughout the narrative). Even if one wanted to hate her, she couldn't after reading about her trials and tribulations with bears, bees, and bunnies. She's inspired me to say "screw it!" and search for deals on beekeeping kits for THIS season, search for and start raising some rabbits (I get to pet the rabbits, George!), bake some homemade bread, and possibly even dust off my guitar (but maybe after I've mastered knitting scarves and sewing BRC costumes!).

This is a charming little book for the beginning homesteader/gardener/sled dog raiser, etc. And even for the slightly more experienced, it's a fun, fun read (nothing wrong with some new ideas and some inspiration, even if you won't learn a whole lot about how-to). I look forward to hearing more from this animated, creative writer/farmer/designer. Check out her blog.

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