follow your bliss

Birthday's are somewhat existential experiences: despite the well-wishings and lavishings of attention from friends and loved-ones, the experience is essentially one that happens alone: only I am turning 32 today and thus, I must look in the mirror alone and reflect. I am primarily responsible for how I got to where I am today, and I steer this craft that guides me into tomorrow. And I have to say that with the exception of financial matters, I am at peace with my past, joyful about the present, and excited about the future. I don't aspire to have this blog serve as a long-winded self-absorbed narrative, but I don't mind sharing a few of my inner observations and reflections. I will state that I hope to give more of myself in the next year, to my family, to my true friends, to my students, and to random strangers. I'm practicing giving that doesn't take from myself: compliments, cards, a sympathetic ear, sharing of ideas, giving my creativity, as opposed to enabling unhealthy and destructive behaviors or allowing others to be greedy of my time or jealous of my happiness. I want to give randomly and frequently from a sense of love and creativity rather than from a position of guilt or coersion. "Follow your bliss," said Joseph Campbell. How easy it is to give when one is heart-fully following one's bliss--at least for the goodhearted.

Speaking of giving, I hope people search their hearts and find a way to help those in Haiti through this terrible situation. $10 will buy some much needed medical supplies. The Clinton Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, and the Red Cross are all accepting donations.

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