Here's a cute little craft project to try at the next lady's craft night that, with the right paper, would be lovely hanging in windows. Maybe I'll work on it during craft night on Thursday, although I'm also working on a braided rug, applique curtains to hang below the living room table that holds the turntables and mixer, a knitted scarf, and an embroidery/cross-stitching project that I designed myself. All these intentions and ideas! Creativity! Joy! Productivity, tomorrow.

But seriously, tonight, I'm going to finalize my seed plans. I think, as of now, I have about 100 packets too many picked out. Also, I've been eating poorly of late, so I'm dreaming of kale and quinoa and yams and some yummy concoction of sorts for dinner and then some nourishing tea.

My latest and best recipe: Drink to calm the nerves, aid digestion, soothe anxiety, and induce sleep.

1 tsp. organic german chamomile
1 tsp. peppermint
1 pinch of lavender

Steep 5-10 minutes

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