New Year's Resolutions

I haven't created any new year's resolutions in a while, but 2009 was a year of amazing growth and productivity, and I'd like to continue my momentum as much as possible. In the past, new year's resolutions seemed like a set up to failure: I'll lose 10 pounds; I'll finally have the body I've always dreamed of; I'll become someone else; blah blah blah.

Instead, I do want to push myself, but I don't want to become a new person. I do want to set goals for myself that may end in failure, but I want to state them and try to achieve them nonetheless, in the hope that I learn a lot along the way and have a blast doing so, just like I had a blast learning how to sew, knit, make tea, and garden in 2009.

So, here they be (warning, some of them may sound enigmatic to all but me or some who closely know me/share these goals):

Garden: This year's garden's primary focus (our first year at this house, with this garden) will be to grow as much fruit, vegetables, and herbs as possible, starting with seeds in February and not ending in fall but continuing on with winter crops. I hope to have enough produce to can, dehydrate, freeze, and give away with the goal of someday having a yard that sustains my need for produce as much as possible. I will make as much of my own compost as I can, including starting my own little worm farm and helping feed my neighbor's chickens greens in exchange for chicken poop. If I find free/cheap bee kits, I will start bee-keeping. Otherwise, I will wait until next year as bee keeping is an expensive trade initially.

Arts/crafts: I want to keep the door open here, but primarily, I want to become a confident seamstress, able to confidently follow a pattern, do applique, and make functional, simple items such as curtains, bags, blankets, and clothes. I would like to continue knitting/crocheting, and I would like to continue the communal aspect of arts/crafts with bi-weekly gatherings with interesting, fun, creative women. Finally, I want to finish my embroidery plan and if I enjoy it, continue with others, because these projects are creative and worthwhile.

Writing: To continue writing for the Examiner, with a minimum of 2 articles per month. Also, to start researching for and testing my own ideas out, taking notes, and writing drafts for my book. In a year from now, I should be ready to start compiling notes for a first draft.

Reading: 50 books.

BRC: City Stories. Collaborative art project, mixed media.

Career: to get a full-time teaching job or figure out something else...my own business? go back to school?

2010, I've got a big grin on my face. The joy of beautiful work, wonderful friends, beloved family. Here we go!

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