seed, bud, blossom, FRUIT!

The blog-o-shere contains wonderful, amazing photos and writings of peoples' talents, art, gardens, skills, creativity. Sometimes, it makes a girl feel a bit inadequate. We look in the mirror and see wrinkles and zits. We look at our garden and see the basil that croaked or the weeds. I've been meaning to document some photos and aspects of the less-than-perfect life in order to learn, to increase my powers of observation, to perhaps gain insight from readers out there, and to document how achieving our potential is hard freaking work.

But today is not that day, because after a week of working every single day (my bank account thanks me) and celebrating Mr. B's birthday, I looked to find tomatoes!!! Five little green tomatoes!!! And lots more blossoms!
So today, I celebrate green little tomatoes and yellow tomato flowers and little tomato buds. I celebrate the progress on my self-designed topsy-turvy tomato planter made from a recycled two gallon water container:
The nasturtiums and tomatoes both have buds, and the marigold is one of my happiest. I'm also celebrating the fact that my beneficial garden, where I scattered seeds that attract pollinators is, in fact, doing just that, with a myriad of bees, from bumble to honey to mason, are constant visitors.
 I'm celebrating the beauty of my garden with all its flaws and room for improvement.
And I'm celebrating having the day off! Time to go get some good grub and go roller skating with friends. What are you celebrating in your garden or in your life, gentle readers? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. hooray for tomatoes! congratulations! it’s like christmas, right? what variety are they? i’m so glad you’re finally getting some decent weather over there.

    as far as what i’m celebrating, baby tomatoes are probably at the top of my list too...three of my plants each have a few dozen little babies now. i’m also getting pretty psyched about my golden zucchinis finally producing some female flowers, and a row of carrots that are almost ready.

    have you gotten beans to germinate yet? it’s all easy from now on, i think. it has to be. this spring was too much of a challenge.

  2. They're OR spring tomatoes, which may be why they're so early. Yay for tomatoes! I'm doing a happy tomato jig with you, from Portland to Boise! And yes, I have beans and zucchini! Yaayayayayayay! I love your stuffed squash flowers. I'll have to try that once I get some.