never say never when it comes to "i do"

Okay, so I am learning that there are some things that I have to eat my words on, and that number one thing right now is:

I will never spend more than $500 on a wedding dress.

Yeah, well...I am totally in love with a dress that's, ahem, a bit more than that. Two dresses, actually.

And so, I am trimming the fat elsewhere. And one way to do that is to buy flowers and make our own bouquets, which brings me to...

A Beautiful Mess: what a darling blog. Crafty and whimsical and funky and cute. And filled with DIY wedding inspiration. She has a post that I might use on how to make my own bouquet, since I want to cut costs.

As I visualize my wedding, I picture sunflowers and lavender rather than roses and lilies, pulled pork sandwiches and beer rather than caviar and champagne, checkered table cloths on picnic tables rather than silk table cloths and table settings. I picture flying a kite, strolling on the beach, dancing barefoot in the grass, and walking down the aisle to the sound of the waves on the surf.

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