The 10 List

This week, lots to be grateful for!

1.  A healthy newborn niece!
2. "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye: such an amazing song that I can't stop playing. I love the narrative, and how the lyrics present both sides of the relationship/story. Love this remake.
3. Books, books, books: surrounded by books this week as I select over a dozen titles for freshmen lit. circles!
4. That Ooligan Press wants to publish our work from last semester on The Morgesons.
5. Going off to spend the three-day weekend in Sunriver, Oregon (where I hope there's some sun)
6. Seeing my film students finish their first-ever films!
7. Being exposed to students, parents, future in-laws, friends, co-workers who are creative and passionate.
8. Having an amazing house where there are multiple comfy spots to curl up like a cat and read.
9. Doing the Worst Day of the Year Ride with friends and feeling like extras on an episode of Portlandia!
10. Health and appetite!

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