This week, I ran! I cycled! I danced! I did not go to yoga, nor did I meditate, but I went to cycle class on Monday; I biked 8 miles on Wednesday; I ran 3 miles on Thursday; I danced my booty off on Friday (80s dancing! So much fun!); and I biked over 30 miles on Sunday!

So I am pleased as punch and craving more: tonight, swimming and cycle class; next weekend, Worst Day of the Year Ride; and definitely some yoga this week, because my poor knees might need a break from the running. Although, when we're having clear skies, sunshine, stars, and moonlight, it's much more enticing to go for a run than to go sit in a yoga studio.

Financially, I made some positive steps. Just have to stay diligent on that score.

This week:
Finish reading Swamplandia! and get a decent start on the latest book-club novel.
Cycle class, swimming, Worst Day of the Year Ride
Meditate at least twice
Keep on top of finances
Sew something!

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