The 10 List

Exclamation points galore this week! Wedding excitement comes in waves, and lately, I'm fluttery with excitement, joy, and gratitude!

1. There's a surf board on our car, which means we're going to the beach! Manzanita getaway!
2. Moist, decadent brownies.
3. Yeasty, salty bagels.
4. Daydreaming about being a bride!
5. Good advice, like this: "It's not the stuff you had at your wedding or the way your wedding looked that you'll remember. It's the way that you felt that you'll remember."
6. Sitting around watching "Downton Abbey" and looking at dresses on-line with the girls.
7. Having my professor ask me if he can use my essay as an example for struggling students: score!
8. Having embroidery projects, books, wine, and other delectable delectables packed for the beach getaway!
9. Grooveshark! Did you guys know about this? It's amazing!
10. Watching the new moon and sun set behind Forest Park from my front porch.

1 comment:

  1. i totally know how you feel! i've been all fluttery lately too. so much anticipation, it's almost unbearable!

    a trip to the beach sounds so wonderful, i hope you have a great time. and grooveshark--i haven't tried it, but i've been going nuts on pandora lately, which is similar.