This week:
I went swimming twice at the PSU gym, Monday and Tuesday.
I biked 18 miles in the Worst Day of the Year Ride.
I got a massage on Friday night: almost as good as meditating.
I sewed curtains for the front bedroom. They're not quite done. I still need to hem them. I also figured out what curtains I want for our bedroom and started planning some embroidery projects.

Other accomplishments: we met with the caterer for the wedding. We found one that we love: all local, fresh, organic, sustainable food and drinks will be served, giving people a truly Northwest experience, since the foods will be from our locale. Fresh tuna, grass-fed beef, seasonal berries, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, etc. Organic local wines. Local brews. Yum yum yum.

This week:
Snowshoe at least once in Sun River. Maybe snowboard if it's not too expensive. Otherwise, snowshoe twice.
Run once
Yoga once.
Meditation twice: this one seems to be giving me some trouble. I need to think about why. Is it just harder than we give ourselves credit for to sit and be still for even ten minutes? Is it difficult to allow ourselves this time?
Ace my midterm (thus fewer exercise goals because I need to study tonight, and tomorrow I have a staff meeting before the test)

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