I did not accomplish my goals for this week!

Instead, I aced my midterm (or better have!), found out that Ooligan wants to publish our introduction to The Morgesons, went on several walks, became addicted to Downton Abbey, did some wedding planning, and became totally inspired by the following:

Embroidering portraits. I thought that it would be amazing to try it out with my grandmother's portrait, so I will keep you all posted.
Jenny Hart's and Lucky Jackson's work is really beautiful. Here's one by Jenny Hart.

And then I'm really enjoying Lucky Jackson's 365 Lucky Days.

Her portrait above is Don Draper from Mad Men.

Goals for the week:
Make progress on my grandmother's portrait: materials bought, pictures copied, tracing done.
Finish curtains for front guest room.
At least two cardio workouts: run/dance/cycle
One mellow workout: walk/yoga
Materials also gathered for bedroom curtains.

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  1. those embroidered portraits are fabulous. i can't wait to see how yours turns out. what a cool idea to make one of your grandma!