This week, for exercise, I danced, ran, and walked. Lovely, long walks on the beach. A short run on the beach and through the state park in hale and rain and wind. I also did some practicing of embroidery. I drew this bee and then traced it with pencil onto a linen towel. Then I just started sewing in black. I want to do a few simple projects to get the feel for it; plus, I'm killing time as I wait for a few embroidery books to come in at the library.

The thing with these projects: you just have to start. Don't be scared. Don't worry about the rules. Just get started!

This week:
Sweaty, tough cardio x3
Easier cardio/yoga x1
Lots of reading this week: Life of Pi and All Quiet on the Western Front
Work on curtains for the house
Continue embroidery projects

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